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hugin source code documentation. 0.1 Introduction The code is divided in a platform and toolkit independent (mostly) abstraction of a panorama, PT::Panorama and a wxwindows GUI. For more details see Introduction to Hugin's source code Building Hugin builds with Cmake (http://cmake.org/) You can find the manuals in the directory where you installed the HUGIN tool. All these manuals are included in the HUGIN Lite installation and can be found in the installation directory. The HUGIN API Reference Manual is the primary source for documentation on API functionallity. The Java, AvtiveX, C++ and .NET manuals serve as an overview of the API class hierarchy for these platforms - for specific details one must consult the HUGIN API Reference Manual Documentation. The HUGIN IFR demonstration activity as generated the following deliverable: DL21.7 A report on the HUGIN IFR demonstration activity. In addition, these two deliverables may be of interest: DL05.2 Report on domain modeling tool development. DL05.7 A report on developments and identification of needs for domain modeling tool Hugin API Documentation¶. hugin package. Subpackages. Core API; Scene API; IO API; Next Previou

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Hugin homepage for Screenshots, Tutorials, Documentation and Links. Hugin Sourceforge project for Downloads. Hugin's bug tracker for bug reports and feature requests. Sourceforge HG to browse the Hugin source-code in Mercurial. hugin-ptx GoogleGroup to contribute to development and peer support. Supported operating systems. Windows; Linux and Unix; Mac OS libpano13 is the panorama library behind Hugin. This version of libpano13 is a requirement for the Hugin 2010.2.0 release. Students complete Google Summer of Code 2010-08-20. All four Hugin/panotools students have completed their Summer of Code projects, congratulations Darko, Florian, Antoine and Thomasz HUGIN Video Tutorial This is the first HUGIN Video Tutorial. It explains how to load a Bayesian Network (the Chest Clinic example) and propagate some evidence in the model

Because the HUGIN autonomous underwater vehicles can function without tethers, cables, or remote control, they have a multitude of applications in oceanography, environmental monitoring, underwater resource studies and fishery research. A key element in the HUGIN concept is the application of a common technology that makes the systems adaptable for navy and commercial applications. The modular design allows different payload configurations, depending on the customers needs The Hugin project makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the released source code builds on a wide variety of platforms. We also provide information how to build the source code (links below). We don't have the resources to go beyond that. Sometimes we also don't have access to specific platforms and can't guarantee that the code builds either HuginEO Documentation, Release 0.2.2 Hugin helps scientists run Machine Learning experiments on geospatial raster data. Overall Hugin aims to facilitate experimentation with multiple machine learning prob-lems, like: •Classification •Segmentation •Super-Resolution Hugin was developed as part of the ESA fundedML4EO, supporting the needs of the project. Currently Hugin builds on top of. Enblend is used as a plug-in for PTGui, Hugin and PTAssembler or standalone from the command line or by Enblend Front End. Some main features include: Adjusts the seam line to avoid areas of mismatch between source images such as parallax errors; Supports saving and loading mask

Table Generator Tutorial — HUGIN GUI 8.8 documentation Table Generator Tutorial ¶ This tutorial shows you how the Table Generator functionality can be used to simplify the specification of conditional probability tables (CPTs) for discrete chance nodes, utility tables for utility nodes, and initial policies for decision nodes HUGIN software is based on Bayesian networks and influence diagram technology, an advanced artificial intelligence technique widely used for supporting decision-making under uncertainty. A Bayesian network is a graphical modeling tool which organizes the knowledge about a domain into a network of causes and effects between key variables. For each variable associated with a cause, probability is used to specify the extent that one variable affects the other. Bayesian networks can operate with.

The HUGIN API 7.1 Reference Manual provides a reference for the C lan-guage Application Program Interface to the HUGIN system. However, brief descriptions of the Java and C++ versions are also provided (see Chapter 1). The present manual assumes familiarity with the methodology of Bayesia For input to Hugin this Excel file would be saved in CSV format. 3. Constraints and limitations The major constraint on any ecosystem services assessment is the availability of information (data, model simulations, etc.) at the correct spatial and temporal scales, but the advantage of the BBN is that it can coherently combine expert opinion with other data so reducing the problems caused by. Preprocessing¶ class hugin.preprocessing.standardize.SkLearnStandardizer (path, standardize_output=False) documentation hugin translation-ru Updated Apr 28, 2020; Improve this page Add a description, image, and links to the hugin topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic Add this topic to your repo To. HUGIN is powerful analytic software for developing and deploying decision support systems for reasoning and decision making under uncertainty. HUGIN software is based on Bayesian network and influence diagram technology and is the ideal choice when you need to solve complex risk and decision problems, and must factor uncertainty into your decision-making

HUGIN provides you with a tool to construct such networks. After constructing the BNs, you can do belief revision, belief updating, and much more. If you are in the process of learning more about the HUGIN Development Environment, now would be a good time to go through the How to Build BNs tutorial. Here, the Apple Tree BN is constructed using the HUGIN Graphical User Interface. You can also go on reading th Full details on using command-line tools are given in the Panorama scripting in a nutshell documentation. On macOS, if Hugin was installed using homebrew, the tools are available in various directories, and they can be added to the PATH using Read the documentation while you are waiting and be sure to click 'View it' after launch!) Huginn launches on the free version of Heroku with significant limitations. For non-experimental use, we strongly recommend Heroku's 1GB paid plan or our Docker container. OpenShift OpenShift Online . Try Huginn on OpenShift Online. Create a new app with either mysql or postgres: oc new-app -f https. The HUGIN Graphical User Interface¶ The HUGIN Graphical User Interface is an interactive tool enabling you to use the facilities of the HUGIN Decision Engine. It can help you construct models that can be used in other applications. The HUGIN Graphical User Interface is also ideal for educational purposes. When introducing the concept of.


Using the HUGIN Graphical User Interface, we can adapt a network by using experience tables and/or fading tables. Below is a detailed discussion of how to perform adaptation in the HUGIN Graphical User Interface, including an overview of the computations performed. The mathematics is presented for those who want to get a deeper understanding of the adaptation process and can be skipped without. HUGIN technology and tools are a spin-off of an international research project from 1989. Since then HUGIN has been selected to provide technology for projects in intelligent robotics, food safety, self-sustaining maintenance in manufacturing, European traffic accident reduction and more. RTD Projects. MILITARY. Military entities can determine critical vulnerabilities, mitigate risk, perform. Download Latest Version Hugin-2020..-win64.msi (40.1 MB) Get Updates. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Country. State. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Industry. Company. Company Size. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive. Currently Hugin builds on top of the Keras machine learning library but it also aims to support, in the future, additional backends like scikit-learn. Documentation for Hugin is available at https://hugin-eo.readthedocs.io/ Acknowledgments. This project is supported by the European Space Agency through the ML4EO project HUGIN 1000 is 75 cm in diameter and is available with 1000 m and 3000 m depth ratings. HUGIN 1000 is built with a three module structure - standardized aft and front sections and one or two modular midsections. The midsection(s) can be configured with a wide range of payload sensors like sidescan sonar, synthetic aperture sonar, multibeam echo sounder, sub-bottom profiler, fishery sonar.

Hugin Panorama photo stitcher Brought to you by: acmihal , brunopostle , dangel Most interactions with Hugin take place on the battlemap. The battlemap is a 2-dimensional grid that may be scrolled infinitely in any direction. Users may placeand move miniatures around on the battlemap, as well as draw, or interact with it in (nearly) any way that one might interact with a physical whiteboard/battlemap. The battlemap interface has the following features: Battlemap Grid. HUGIN 1000 is built with a three module structure - standardized. aft and front sections and one or two modular midsections. The midsection(s) can be configured with a wide range of payload sensors like sidescan sonar, synthetic aperture sonar, multibeam echo sounder, sub-bottom profiler, fishery HUGIN® collects data from many different sensors concurrently, providing a complete data product from a single mission. The HUGIN® system is designed for a variety of survey missions including: • Seabed mapping • Pipeline inspection • Mine reconnaissance HUGIN® can operate autonomously or under supervision, meaning operators can monitor its progress and receive realtime samples of the sensor data for quality control purposes. The complete HUGIN® system can be supplied in DnV.

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operation. The HUGIN concept allows integration of alternative sensors for geophysical, search and inspection purposes, dependant on customer demands. HUGIN can conduct operations in autonomous mode, independent of the support vessel for the complete mission or in a supervised mode, as decided by the Operator. The HUGIN Operator Station (user interface) allows the operato The quickest and easiest way to check out Huginn is to use the official Docker image. Have a look at the documentation. Local Installation. If you just want to play around, you can simply fork this repository, then perform the following steps Hugins raw import is using the development settings from the corresponding sidecar file. So you can setup your conversion settings in your preferred raw converter and save the settings in the corresponding sidecar file. Refer to the documentation of your raw converter if this is done automatically or how to do this manually. These settings need only be done for the wb reference image. The settings of this image are used also for the other images

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The site will in part also be used to document the HUGIN SelSus project activities. Under the menu item Resources you will find a number of examples on the use of Bayesian networks. The content of this web site will be extended as the project work progresses. Call for Papers. January 23, 2015: Call for Papers for IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics INDIN-15 22-24 July 2015. To associate your repository with the hugin topic, visit your repo's landing page and select manage topics. Learn mor

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Welcome to the HUGIN SWiFT Project Site. The purpose of this website is to provide information, examples and tutorials on Bayesian networks in relation to the SWiFT project. Under the menu item Resources you will find a number of examples on the use of Bayesian networks. The content of this web site will be extended as the project work progresses The [Hugin SDK] will document how to build each and every package upstream, including further upstream dependencies (e.g. Hugin depends on enblend; and enblend depends on lcms; hence both should be documented), for both 32 and 64 bit. 2. Distribute the SDK in two forms: one large archive containing everything (almost like the current one). It will become outdated, but here comes the second. There is sparse documentation of the hugin data types and their methods beyond call signatures and member lists, so you have to guess your way when you want to use them. Luckily most of them are aptly and expressively named, so you can figure it out. I hope that eventually something like an API documentation will arise. Example #!/usr/bin/env python from hsi import * # load the module p.

Hugin versions 2010.1.0 à 2010.4.0 Réalisé avec : OOo 3.2.1 Plate-forme / OS : Toutes Rédaction : Janvier 2011 Auteur : SELME Matthieu 1 - Découverte du logiciel Hugin page 1/25 . Table des matières A) Téléchargement et installation du logiciel Hugin 4 B) Ouverture du logiciel 4 C) Téléchargement et installation des extensions utiles à Hugin 5 D) Découverte des icônes et des. Good documentation is key to the success of any project. Making documentation accessible enables people to learn about a project; making it easy to update ensures that documentation stays relevant. Two common ways to document a project are README files and wikis: README files are a quick and simple way for other users to learn more about your work

Download Latest Version Hugin-2020..-win64.msi (40.1 MB) Get Updates. Home / hugin / hugin-2020.. Name. Modified. Size. Info. Downloads / Week. Parent folder. hugin-2020...tar.bz2 HUGIN 3000 HUGIN 3000 is the offshore AUV workhorse with 1 m diameter and 3000 m depth rating. Major survey companies use HUGIN 3000 for detailed seabed mapping for offshore oil and gas companies. HUGIN 3000 is powered by a novel semi fuel cell battery providing more than 60 hours endurance at four knots speed with multibeam echo sounder, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and CTD running. For full Hugin documentation go here. If everything looks ok, it's time to make our planet. At the bottom left of the preview window, select 'stereographic' projection. At the top hit 'fit', and then press 'update' (if you have a very recent version of Hugin with the OpenGL preview everything should change before your eyes). Next hit 'numerical transformation' at the top. Set.

The site will in part also be used to document the HUGIN OpenNESS project activities. Under the menu item Resources you will find a number of examples on the use of Bayesian networks. This includes examples illustrating the integration between BBNs and GIS. Under the menu item Case studies you will find deployed models for the OpenNESS case studies utilizing Bayesian networks. The models are. Documentation for Hugin is available at https://hugin-eo.readthedocs.io/ Acknowledgments. This project is supported by the European Space Agency through the ML4EO project Also, in this case, open source means the program is free to download and use as much as you would like. With Hugin, you can build large composite panoramas from multiple images with its stitching capabilities of both. Hugin photo stitching tool is used to automatically stitch panoramas. Specifically, the Hugin command line tools. Quick Start. 1. Install: $ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-hugin-panorama hugin-tools enblend. 2. Launch node: $ roslaunch hugin_panorama hugin_panorama.launch image:=/image_topic. 3. Save individual images for input to the. HUGIN was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Royal Norwegian Navy, Statoil and Kongsberg Maritime. This cooperation was initiated in 1995, and in 1997 the first HUGIN was used commercially in the North Sea. In 2004, the first prototype of the HUGIN 1000 was installed on the KNM Karmøy for military application (mine hunting) Unfortunately (as I'm sure most of you know) the documentation is pretty out of date, and the process isn't as easy/intuitive as it is for panoramas (by which I mean, it took me a few minutes to figure out panoramas with hugin and still after several hours I haven't figured out how to do HDR with hugin.) I'm willing to write/update the documentation myself if someone here or elsewhere can help.

HUGIN-AUV Concept and operational experiences to date Roar Marthiniussen, Karstein Vestgård and Rolf Arne Klepaker, Kongsberg Simrad AS, P.Box 111, 3191 Horten,Norway. Nils Størkersen, FFI - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, P.Box 25, 2027 Kjeller, Norway Abstract - During the last few years autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology has evolved from concept demonstrators. Follow the installation instructions untill you can successfully run docker ps. Get the the IP of the VM running docker by running docker-machine ls. Start your Huginn container using docker run -it -p 3000:3000 huginn/huginn. Open Huginn in the browser http://<docker-machine ip>:3000

Open Questions for this document: HSVTool. Brightness adjustment ranges; HSVTool Keyer; FFmpeg. Producing digital intermediates (empty) Muxing Audio; Encoding HEVC (empty) Using PanoTools projects within Natron. Creating a PanoTools (pto) project; Using Hugin/PanoTools parameters in Natron; Building the panorama in Natron; Future work; Vector graphics workflow. Inkscap Share this document with a friend. Transcript: www.kongsberg.com. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - AUVThe HUGIN Family. Maximizing performanceby providing The Full Picture . Our missionWe shall earn the respect and recognition for our dedication to provide innovative andreliable marine electronics that ensure optimal operation at sea. By utlilising and integratingour technology, experience and.

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  1. These instructions contain the collective wisdom of Hugin contributors that are using Ubuntu or any of its variations (Ku/Xu/Lu/Edu/...buntu). They are work in progress and updated when newer versions of Ubuntu are released or when Hugin introduces new dependencies. They have worked, at the time of release or soon thereafter, with all 'buntu.
  2. Unlock a massive VR toolset consisting of 143 nodes, 62 scripts, 5 .fu, and 8 macroLUTS that will enable you to convert image projections, apply panoramic masking, retouch images, render filters and effects, edit stereoscopic 3D media, create panoramic 3D renderings, and review 360° media in Fusion's 2D and 3D viewers
  3. Hugin is an open source tool, designed to create panoramic images by joining together several photos. This tool is based on Panorama Tools, and produces great and speedy results. Hugin's aim is clear: to be a simple and easy to use platform that can take a number of spectacular photographs and turn them into a seamless panorama image
  4. load-save-hugin: Load and save Hugin net files Description. These functions can load a net file saved in the 'Hugin format' into R and save a network in R as a file in the 'Hugin format'. Usage loadHuginNet(file, description = NULL, details = 0) saveHuginNet(gin, file, details = 0) Argument
  5. or Hugin additions. Missing are the description of linking of image variables using =image number syntax and Hugin options (options from the GUI, lines starting with #hugin_), but they are optional and Hugin opens a project also without them.-
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Using Hugin/PanoTools parameters in Natron; Building the panorama in Natron; Future work; Vector graphics workflow. Inkscape; Natron; Alternative Matte Extraction Tutorial. Despill and Color Suppression Pipeline ; Evaluating Script Structure. File Do's and Dont's; Manage folders and files; Read node movies should be formatted as image sequences; Script Housekeeping Do's and Dont's. Upgrade graphics/hugin from 0.7_beta4 to 0.7.r3135 (SVN revision 3135). This version is not archived by the authors, so this is a snapshot of the SVN repository as of revision 3135. The archive is put on the freebsd.org cluster HUGIN QGIS Plugin can be obtained from QGIS Plugin repository or from HUGIN QGIS on GitHub. Documentation. See the howto pdf-file. Source Code. Source code can be found on GitHub. Bug Reporting. You can submit and browse HUGIN QGIS bug reports in the Bugtracker. About. Perform spatial probabilistic analysis using HUGIN Bayesian Networks in QGIS Resources. Readme Releases 1. HUGIN QGIS Latest. Read the Docs v: RB-2.3 . Versions master v2.3.15 rb-2.4 rb-2.3 Downloads pdf html epub On Read the Docs Project Hom

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Hugin est un logiciel d'aide à la conception de panoramas à partir de plusieurs photos. Son interface par onglets permet à la fois une utilisation simple et avancée. Il utilise la librairie du projet Panorama Tools en conjonction avec Enblend et autopano-SIFT entre autres ; il permet de réaliser de superbes panoramas respectant les chevauchements d'images avec précision Another significant file is enfuse.pdf, which can be found in the \Hugin\doc\enblend directory of your installation. This documents enfuse's options and has a useful section on focus stacking. Chrysogaster solstitialis female: Take this as a reference image. It is a combination of 16 shots of a fresh, dead specimen taken at roughly twice life size (I intend to cover the equipment and. The parameters for remapping can be calculated in Hugin or with autooptimiser on the command line. The format of the project file is documented here: PTStitcher Example_Script, and here: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/docs/nona/nona.txt. Advantage

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Es ist erlaubt, die Datei unter den Bedingungen der GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation, Version 1.2 oder einer späteren Version, veröffentlicht von der Free Software Foundation, zu kopieren, zu verbreiten und/oder zu modifizieren; es gibt keine unveränderlichen Abschnitte, keinen vorderen und keinen hinteren Umschlagtext.. Der vollständige Text der Lizenz ist im Kapitel GNU-Lizenz für. AUV Hugin 1000 ver. 3000 in dotazione a Nave VIESTE per l'impiego da Unità non dedicata del sistema in questione. La fornitura consiste nell'allestimentodi due container (di 20 e 10 piedi) con apparati di messa a mare, recupero, comando, controllo, pianificazione e gestione del AUV Hugin 1000. Il sistema Hugin non dovrà subire modifiche funzionali, mantenendo l'attuale possibilità di. Welcome to LuminanceHDR's documentation!¶ Luminance HDR is an open source workflow tool for HDR imaging. Its highlights are: streamlined user interface in more than a dozen languages; support for all major HDR file formats; batch hdr creation; batch tonemapping; resize/crop/transform HDRs; color managed workflow; works on Linux, Windows and. libpano13 is the PanoTools library, this release adds a number of new input and output projections, a new command-line tool, documentation, cleanups and bugfixes. News 19 th March 2009. hugin/panotools has been accepted again as a mentoring organisation for the 2009 Summer of Code Das taucht aber nirgendwo in der Hugin-Dokumentation auf? Damit habe ich aus Bildern mit 37,5 mm KB-eq von Kompaktknipsen Weitwinkelaufnahmen simuliert. Ich bin aber nicht sicher ob das so auch korrekt ist. Die HugIn Dokumentation kenn ich nicht. Post by Bernd Mayer Zu meiner Aufgabenstellung: Die Bilder wurden mit einer Kompaktknipse und Fest- oder Anfangsbrennweite 37,5 mm KB-eq aufgenommen.

This page is outdated. At the moment there is no replacement, but it is being created. Support for Applications included in Ubuntu Studio. Audi Hugin 2019.0 : Hugin is a toolkit for stitching photographs and assembling panoramas, together with an easy to use graphical front end Expert: This user interface also starts Hugin in the Panorama Editor screen and will unleash all the power and options of Hugin. (Go to Version 2012 and older Gui to read about the old gui which is being used in the current stable release. Note that all Hugin.

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Note: It is possible to add custom media types or change the defaults; e.g., if you want to change the suffix for text/html to asp.; Suffixes are the values that will be used for URLs and filenames for that media type in Hugo.; The Type is the identifier that must be used when defining new/custom Output Formats (see below).; The full set of media types will be registered in Hugo's built-in. Read the Docs v: latest Versions latest stable-2.0 master Downloads pdf htmlzip epub On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs.. Hugin helps scientists run Machine Learning experiments on geospatial raster data. Overall Hugin aims to facilitate experimentation with multiple machine learning problems, like: Classification; Segmentation; Super-Resolution; Currently Hugin builds on top of the Keras machine learning library but it also aims to support, in the future, additional backends like scikit-learn. Documentation for. The site will in part also be used to document the HUGIN CytoCam project activities. You can find example models and apps under Resources. The HUGIN Swift Application Programming Interface (API) partly developed in the CytoCam project has been finalized and is now part of the official suite of APIs for the HUGIN Decision Engine. The HUGIN Swift API was released as part of HUGIN 8.6 on March.

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Welcome to the HUGIN IFR BIOTRACER Demontration Activity Website! This website contains information, examples and tutorials on the demonstration activity. The objective of BIOTRACER is to create tools and models for the improvement of tracing accidental and deliberate microbial contamination of feed and food, including bottled water. The aim of the HUGIN IFR Demonstration Activity is to make complex mathematical domain models accessible to non-modelers Hugin ist ein Programm zur Fotobearbeitung um einfach Panoramabilder zu erstellen, auch wenn die Fotos nicht nahtlos in einer Reihe aufgenommen wurden. Hugin hat einen Assistenten, der das Zusammensetzen von euren Fotografin zu einem Panoramabild fast automatisch erledigt. Manchmal ist noch etwas Nacharbeit notwendig, dann müsst ihr Kontrollpunkte hinzufügen, um ein besseres Ergebnis zu erzielen

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  1. Find detailed technical information about the Kongsberg Maritime HUGIN and view brochures, videos and case studies and compare it with other similar AUVs - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  2. Documents. Hugin API Reference Manual, Version 7.4, Hugin Expert A/S, 2010. Sensitivity Analysis, Modeling, Inference and More, (SamIam), Automated Reasoning Group, Computer Science Department, UCLA. Hugin Networks. A Hugin Networkhere is a network file describing a problem to be solved withBayesian reasoning
  3. HUGIN EXPERT A/S. The role of HUGIN in OpenNESS is to deliver technology for decision support based on Bayesian networks and to take part in the development of a decision support system. HUGIN EXPERT is a world leader in providing tools and services for Bayesian networks. Disclaime
  4. Hugin is free and open source software that describes itself as a Panorama photo stitcher and, indeed, that is what the GUI provided as part of the package does. But, under the bonnet, it is a set of command line tools for manipulating and combining graphics files and it can also be used for combining shots to produce High Dynamic Range images and focus stacking
  5. I'm in the process of stitching a very badly shot panorama so I'm placing control points and lines by hand in Hugin. In the documentation I found out that you can indicate straight features, using.
  6. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin has begun airing a commercial that brings up six-year-old anonymous allegations that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) had sex with underage prostitutes in the.
  7. This documentation is transcluded from Template:Created with Xxx/doc. Deutsch: Zur Kennzeichnung von mittels Hugin erstellten Dateien. English: Used to mark files created with Hugin. Español : Se utiliza para marcar las imágenes creadas con Hugin. Français : Placé sur les images créées avec le logiciel Hugin. Polski: Używane do oznaczania plików utworzonych w programie Hugin.

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Hugin and Munin (pronounced HOO-gin and MOO-nin; Old Norse Huginn and Muninn, the meaning of which will be discussed below) are two ravens in Norse mythology who are helping spirits of the god Odin. According to the medieval Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson, Two ravens sit on his (Odin's) shoulders and whisper all the news which Continue reading Hugin and Munin Les notices et manuels proposés par manuels.solutions sont des document électroniques en PDF. Ils sont téléchargeables dans l'espace Téléchargement.. Le manuel utilisateur HUGIN XBM1238 ou mode d'emploi décrit les fonctions de l'appareil. Le manuel d'installation ou notice d'installation HUGIN XBM1238 donne les instructions pour le mettre en service Creacio d'imatges panoramiques amb Hugin. Issuu company logo. Close. Try. Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories Visual Stories SEO. Designers Marketers Social Media Managers. Wir zeigen Ihnen wie Sie effektiv und kostengünstig Risikobeurteilungen, EG-Konformitätserklärungen und Typenschilder für Maschinen und Anlagen erstellen. Und zwar . nach Richtlinie 2006/42/EG (Maschinenrichtlinie) nach Richtlinie 2014/35/EG (Niederspannungsrichtlinie) nach Richtlinie 2014/68/EU (Druckgeräterichtlinie) nach DIN EN ISO. Hugin 1000, 3000 and 4500 (Fugro, C&C Technologies and DOF) Bluefin 21 (Fugro) REMUS 100 (Fugro) Gavia Offshore Surveyor (NCS Survey), 1 with Woodside. Marport SQX-1 (Geodetic Offshore Services) • Military and Research AUV and gliders now very numerous, early days for USV. Unmanned Vehicles for shallow and coastal waters 12 th January 2010 11 Unmanned vehicle types. AUV: Autonomous.

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